Howdy all, fathomlessblue here. Welcome to my brand-spanking new anime blog. In lieu of writing countless paragraphs about myself & other soul-crushingly dull subjects, I figured a little Q&A session might help explain a little about me & what, if anything, I’m trying to do here at Choral Tempest. Not too much though, let’s not get greedy now.



fathomlessblue, or just fb if you prefer. Feel free to follow me on twitter.


Clinically dead by anime standards


Male. If you feel tricked by the flowery banner art/font on the site, consider this a valuable lesson about dealing with anime fans online.


England, by which I obviously mean The North.

Time as an anime fan:

I’ve been watching anime, knowingly or otherwise since I was a wee lad. Some of my first TV memories were of being glued in front of The Mysterious Cities of Gold repeats in the late 80’s. My experience since then has been fairly sporadic, with brief spells buying hyper-violent vhs tapes in my early teens, before experiencing the more eccentric cultural side as a uni student with access to dvds & early torrents. After several years in the wilderness I fell back into the scene with the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 2009 reboot & have been keeping up with currently airing shows since about 2010.

Relationship status:

Single. Interesting fact: I was originally drawn into live-watching anime due to the sudden influx of free time & need for personal space following a messy break-up. Turns out that, for better or worse, being an anime fan is shockingly efficient at covering both of those bases.

Why start a blog now?

Choose any or all of the following: a) to share my wonderful, intelligently thought out views with the fandom, b) to free up my twitter page & random forums with my daily musings/rants, c) to stop being seen as a hanger-on in an ani-blogging community I’ve been involved with for years, d) to earn Kadian1365’s love & respect. Maybe he could pat me on the head & tell me he’s proud of me. Maybe call me son…

fathomlessblue & Choral Tempest sound like rather arsty-farsty names. Are you a smart, but self-aggrandising blow-hard, or just a faux-intellectual trying to fake it?

Let’s just say I’m desperately aiming for the latter.

Why Choral Tempest as a blog title though?

Initially I had aimed for something simpler & more self-depreciating but everything I thought up had already been taken, usually by anime fans. You can’t really make a slightly altered version of something like Under the Bridge or Wrong Every Time without stepping on a few toes.

The actual title refers to Chor Tempest, the ceremonial-come-military squadron that the main cast of 2006 Studio Deen series Simoun, a personal favourite of mine, are members of.

So will this be an editorial blog?

Unlikely, at least not in any serious capacity. There are enough editorial writers out there who can do the job far better than I can. If I get a strong enough urge to write about a particular topic then I’ll take a stab at it, otherwise this site will mostly be talking about currently airing, recently completed & personal favourites of mine.

So what are your interests anime-wise?

I’d like to think my tastes are still changing, but as general rule I usually gravitate towards anything with decent characterisation, story or humour, be it some random 12 episode moe show or the latest chin-stroking noitamina offering.

Ok, to phrase the question slightly differently, what don’t you like?

Well I’m well past my testosterone-fuelled teenage years, so I tend not look fondly on shows primarily catered towards fetishes and/or otaku wish-fulfilment. The likelihood is I’m not going to have a high opinion of the average harem, ecchi, trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy grimdark series, light-novel adaptation, chaste shoujo spinning its wheels, or pretty much anything that feels like it chiefly exists as a congratulatory self-insert space to promote arrested development. I grew up on Eva. I prefer it when an anime points out the less than savoury aspects of a person’s character, before encouraging a little self-actualization.

I also have a personal beef with series (usually adaptations) that favour meticulous world-building & in-universe terminology rather than competent writing & adhering to the notion of show-don’t-tell.

That isn’t to say there aren’t constant exceptions to such guide lines (eg, I still enjoy the overly verbose & fanservice filled Monogatari series, or magical girlfriend show, Witch Craft Works), but as a rule, don’t expect to hear me singing the praises for the likes of Highschool DxD, SAO, Mahouka or even the Fate franchise.

How well-informed are you opinions?

Depends on the credentials of the person I originally stole them from.

Anything else?

Only that I’m surprised you’re still here. That, & I love you. Be nice & share a little of it around.


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