Fullmetal Alchemist, Arslan and the Death of a Fanboy



It’s no great secret how much I loathe the self-proclaimed ‘super-fan’ attitude that having a greater understanding of the background, lore or supplementary material of any type of media product automatically equates to a more entitled & valid opinion over others. The Type Moon fandom is usually paraded about as the current poster child of this movement, but it can pretty much apply to anyone who twists an admirable passion towards a work or franchise into an excuse for elitism and exclusion towards anyone they feel aren’t on the same strata of knowledge. Saying that, I try to not give into cynicism and give most people the benefit of the doubt, assuming this mentality comes out of a genuine, if misguided form of affection & desire to promote something they care about, as opposed to deliberately and maliciously championing themselves as gatekeepers to ensure the so-called ‘casuals’ stay out.

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The Hero you Need to Hate – Thoughts on LoGH’s Oberstein


“Veteran soldiers speak of hot iron and cold iron… The warchief’s soul – it either rages with the fire of life, or is cold with death”

House of Chains, Steven Erickson


It took over a year, but seeing as my self-imposed task of watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes is finally over, I figured I should write something about it. Of course, with a show as long and in-depth as this, a general overview would in no way do the show any justice. As such, I’ve decided to focus on my favourite character in the show, the universally (quite literally) despised Paul von Oberstein. Continue reading