12 Days of Anime 2015 Countdown Part 3: Four – One


The final part of my Twelve Days of Christmas posts in which I talk about my top four moments of the year. Continue reading


12 Days of Anime 2015 Countdown Part 2: Eight – Five


Here we go with the second part of the much belated rundown of my personal top picks for 2015. Continue reading

12 Days of Anime 2015 Countdown Part 1: Twelve – Nine


This being the first year I decided to casually play at being an aniblogger (in an age the format is largely dead, but whatever), I was looking forward to reaping some of the rewards and trying my hand at its most popular tradition, namely the 12 days of Christmas greatest moments countdown. Unfortunately due to work, a dead pc and a hospital stay the last few months have mostly been a write-off for me, falling behind or dropping most shows due to higher life priorities. As such my list completely missed the festive period so here I am scrambling to write something before the New Year hits. Grammar and spell checking be damned!

This isn’t a list of my all-time favourite shows of the year, nor is it necessary specific to particular scenes. Mostly this is just a collection of moments or themes that really stuck out to me. As much as I have nice things to say about the likes of Non Non Biyori, Maria the Virgin Witch, One Punch Man, Food Wars, Yona or Rokka, their highlights were either too vague to the show in general or just not quite as impactful as the other examples.

Anyway, part 1 of my countdown. Continue reading

Spring Season 2015 – Closing Thoughts Part 3: Blood Blockade Battlefront, Sound! Euphonium & My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU S2



Here’s the final post about my personal picks of the Spring Season. While I may have been disappointed with the lack of quality anime in general, the below shows never failed to brightened my mood on a weekly basis.

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