Winter 2016 Review – The Dropped List

Musaigen no Phantom World3.28.13]

Now that the season is finally coming to an end I figured I’d write something about the shows I ended up dropping, prior to the actual reviews. All in all the expectation that winter 2016 would turn out a dud largely ended up on the money, which is something of a shame considering there was quite a bit of initial promise. It certainly wasn’t a complete wasteland out there, with several series (and a few shorts) keeping my interest throughout, but the drop-off seemed particularly steep this time round. Maybe I’ve gotten better at screening out series that aren’t quite to my tastes or maybe more discerning in general. I guess thinking of what I would write about them has proved a powerful aid in acknowledging whether they’re worth the time invested. Continue reading

Winter 2016 – First Impressions: The Rest

[HorribleSubs] Sekkou Boys - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.24_[2016.01.22_23.19.25]

And finally, here we are with some of the lesser shows airing this season, either in quality or length. I haven’t included everything I ended up watching, with the likes of Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, Phantasy Star Online 2, God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World and bunch of random shorts being absent because they were too god-awful to bother writing about. Oh, and Ajin, which hasn’t been picked up for streaming.


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